Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flags in May?

A high school friend of my mom's called me the other day.  She runs a group home and it was one of her residents' birthdays.  She didn't give me specific instructions, just that his favorite things were flags, Santas, and the color red.   I seriously wanted to make Santa cake pops in May but feared that it might jinx our (sort of) nice weather.

Cake Pops in a hurry

I can't always promise that you will get the cake flavor or coating color that you want on short notice but I can promise I will do my best.  In just a couple days I had two different women call, from two different towns, that needed cake pops ASAP.  It happened to work out that I had a couple cakes frozen in the deep freeze... just in case.  I always try to keep stocked up on different colors and flavors, so don't be afraid to give me a call last minute! 

Hola! Soy Dora!

I was asked to make Dora cake pops for a little girls' second birthday.  After alot of pondering, I decided fondant would best suit Dora's hair.  I even "cut" it to look like her's.  As far as I can tell from the internet, I am the first person to actually make "Dora" herself as a cake pop!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thinking of Spring

I loved these baby bluebird cake pops.  After I got the pictures on my computer (and the pops had been eaten) I was a little disappointed with the angle of the picture.  These were far cuter in person!  The only thing that would have made them better is if I had made nests for them to sit on.  I actually thought of how I would make the nests... also after the pops were gone.  Maybe next time!

Baking Hiatus

It has been a seriously long time since I blogged.  That doesn't mean I haven't been baking!  I have made many things, sent them out the door, then thought, Oh darn, I forgot to take a picture.

These little treats tasted so good.  Can't get much better than rise krispie treats, covered in chocolate, on a stick... with sprinkles. 

People have shown a TON of interest in my work lately so it was time to get in gear and post the things I have taken pictures of.  I am doing a wedding in a couple weeks that I am very excited to post.  I have had many people ask about weddings and pricing.  It looks like it will be a sweet summer :)